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BhD provides you everything you need for the washbasin installation. We offer a complements pack valid for the majority of our washbasins which contains a tap, pop-up valve and basin trap.

Top support

Ref. 763

700x300x175 mm.

Description: Top stainless steel support.

Support with circles

Ref. 764

220 mm.

Description: Stainless steel support with circles.

Curved support

Ref. 765

270x80x80 mm.

Description: Curved stainless steel support .

Soporte Ref.: 7044

Set support + washbasin

Ref. 7044

270x80 mm. / Ø 300x105 mm.

Description: Set of glass washbasin and stainless steel support.

Pedestal Ref.: 7045


Ref. 7045

150x330x750 mm.

Description: Wood pedestal.

Complements pack 1

Ref. 7601-1

Description: Complements pack

Complements pack 2

Ref. 7601-2

Description: Complements pack